Monday, February 28, 2011

Fwd: emphasis pronoun: Dear western cis feminists,


via on 2/28/11

emphasis pronoun: Dear western cis feminists,:


Try to remember that your cissupremacist culture is the one that denied us the use of terminology that works for us, that can adequately describe our pain, our self conceptualization and how we feel, the underlying and epic truth of our existence that you deny.

It is your culture that resulted in less effective means of describing what it is to be trans like "woman/man/nonbinary trapped in a male/female/unassigned body", "female or male or nonbinary brain", "gender dysphoria", "sex change", "person who wants to become gender A" and etc.

It is you and your people, cisgender people, who stole from us the means to communicate to you what we are and how we are. So don't go attacking the phrasings we use as though we weren't forced to use them by a society that completely and utterly erases our very existence and validity within its very language and puts everything in terms of your experiences only, as though they were used objectively when better terms existed already.

You kicked us into this shit hole. We're only trying to climb back out. Get your boots away from our fingers and try fucking thinking outside your cissupremacist little world.


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