Tuesday, February 22, 2011

make the struggles the point of your life


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Every single day in this world, thousands of people are killed by forces of oppression, racism, sexism, exploitation, war, colonialism, fascism. Every single day in this world, people unite in struggle against those forces. Right now somewhere in the world, a mother is burying her baby, a lover is burying her beloved, a father is gasping his last breath before his wailing children, a protest is being gunned down. This was true a hundred years ago and it's true today. Life is a contact sport. This is part of the First Noble Truth.

So it seems to me that just as important as following far-flung events on social media, is pointing your entire life in the direction of the struggles you believe in, living your entire life as though every day is January 25. Let the struggles be more than a sideshow, make the struggles the point of your life, the source of energy when you wake up in the morning and think about what you're going to do. Then you won't just be jumping on the latest inspiring news story, you'll be living your own revolution. 



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