Friday, February 25, 2011

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This is white privilege.  Period.

I'm going to fucking throw up.

in the clip, a white kid uses a variety of tools, including a metal saw and even an electric saw with goggles to try to cut through the chain on a bike. most people walk by without caring, only one woman tries to follow up with the police. in the second part of the clip, an african-american kid about the same age does the same thing in the same park with the same bike, and is accosted by angry crowds, people taking out their cell phones to call 911, even a guy who starts taking his tools away while yelling.

the contrast is striking. and sickening.

this show has seriously called out some amazing shit when it comes to privilege and race in the us. 

oh and…fuck this shit.

now try and tell me color doesn't matter. try and tell me white privilege doesn't exist, at least not anymore. TRY IT.

I get a little scared watching these. I always hope the non white actors are well-protected. They need to have emotional support for them as well, but I doubt that happens.

Anyone remember the one where they had a white versus Black couple arguing in a park? In both cases they had the man be verbally abusive and look like he was getting closer and closer to physically assaulting the woman. It was upsetting all-around but the COMPLETE lack of any kind of care for the Black woman was heart breaking. At the end of it the Black actress was crying and just very upset that literally no one cared. It's great that this show exposes this stuff, but it's really nothing that *we* don't already know. The only people shocked or who "learn something" are usually whites.  Everyone else is just retraumatized.


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