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"As well as criticising the response to the cholera outbreak, the report que...


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As well as criticising the response to the cholera outbreak, the report questions the wider "aid dependency" which the private aid agencies - known as Non Governmental Organisations, or NGOs, have created.

It says some NGOs:

* undermine the capacity of the state
* have no accountability to people they serve
* do not always work in under-served areas when asked to by government
* lack coordination
* are top-down and top-heavy

The report says only a tiny proportion of the aid money promised to Haiti has reached the Haitian government - in the early days after the earthquake it was estimated to be just one per cent.

And yet, ultimately, the study says, it is only the government that could coordinate actions to address crises such as the cholera outbreak.

Some NGOs privately criticise the government of Haiti for corruption; foreign governments say they cannot risk handing over money to dysfunctional institutions.

But the report says "pointing fingers at the Haitian government or the Haitian people is not the solution".

It says some NGOs are more interested in attracting funds - and so perpetuating their own futures - than in solving the problems they say they came to Haiti to address.



Haiti cholera challenge 'failed' by agencies

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