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dorkery: Tumblr Aid: How can you contribute?


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dorkery: Tumblr Aid: How can you contribute?:


We need to set up funds that can take monetary donations and channel them into buying medical supplies and food for the people. Once the revolutions end, these donation also need to focus on helping rehabilitate them.

We, as sympathisers and supporters of the people who want to donate money to help the people of the revolution, can only do so much from where we are. We are fortunate in that in the information age, money can travel across borders in the blink of an eye. However, it is impossible to send money without the proper channels.

We need to get money to the right people. We need to get money to the groups who actually have access to the right supplies and who havelegitimate means of getting these supplies to those who need it. Right now, there doesn't seem to be any groups or organisations that are soliciting donations for the middle eastern countries. 

We need to pressure groups like the Red Cross into setting them up.

Here's an email template you can send to humanitarian groups near you (but preferably near the countries revolting so that they can send aid ASAP).

[Group name],

I am a concerned citizen who would like to contribute to humanitarian aid to the middle eastern countries currently in revolt. As I have no direct means or access to these people, the only way I can do so is to send monetary donations so that medical supplies and food can be purchased to help them. I want to do this in a legal and legitimate way, which is why I have contacted your organisation.

Do you have a fund set up to help the people of the revolution in the middle east? If you do, please provide a link with information regarding this fund so that I may share it with my community. If you do not have PayPal available, I would like to recommend that you make it available so that more people around the world can send donations to this fund.

If you do not have any fund or collection set up, I strongly urge your group to do so. The need for aid in these countries is dire and immediate and it is only right that you, as a group with strong connections and the ability to send aid to these countries, do something that will allow the global community to help the people of the revolution.

Send as many emails as you can. If the same group gets the same email several times, it's fine. 


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