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Fat, the First Lady, and Fighting the Politics of Health Science


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Queer Embodiments Seminar Race and the Global Queer Body

Fat, the First Lady, and Fighting the Politics of Health Science
Dr. Bianca Wilson February 25, 2011

CUNY Graduate Center, 365 5th Avenue

QUNY, the Graduate Center's LGBTQ Student Organization  welcomes you to the 2nd session of our Queer Embodiments Seminar Series

The session will consist of both a public lecture and a 'masterclass' with our honored guest, Dr. Bianca Wilson, Professor of Psychology at California State University, Long Beach.

Friday, February 25, 7-9p Room C197
Lecture: Fat, the First Lady, and Fighting the Politics of Health Science
is anti-fat bias and what effect does it have on health?  How is
anti-fat bias represented in dominant discourses on the "social
determinants of health?"  What would it mean to consider anti-fat bias
an oppression?  Dr. Wilson will present an overview of some of the
weaknesses of the traditional paradigm for studying relationships
between weight and health, as well as present findings from her
community-based study on the associations between oppression and health
among a sample of Black same-gender loving women.

Friday, February 25, 2-4p, Room 6304.02
Masterclass: The
Masterclass is an intimate session in which students can converse with
Dr. Wilson about her work. Space is limited to promote in-depth
discussion. Participants will all read the same works by Dr. Wilson and
will be asked to come prepared with questions or talking points.To
participate in the masterclass, RSVP to

D.M. Wilson, Ph.D., is a community psychologist currently working as an
Assistant Professor of Psychology at California State University , Long
Beach . Prior to this post, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the
University of California , San Francisco Institute for Health Policy
Studies and the Lesbian Health and Research Center. Her research
focuses on the relationships between culture, oppression, and sexual
health among African American same-gender loving people.

All events take place at the CUNY Graduate Center, 365 5th Ave btw 34th & 35th Streets.

Co-Sponsors: Doctoral Student Council, Women's Studies Certificate, CLAGS, Campus Coalition for Sexual Literacy

Queer Embodiments Seminar Series was created with an understanding that
Queer theory and queer politics have been theorized beyond sexual
identity, sexual object choice and sexual behavior into the social
regulation of desire, bodily capacities and mobilities as well as the
production of embodiments, spaces, and subjectivities.  In this series
we hope to address the political potential of Queer in relationship to
how queer bodies are made and the work queer bodies do on multiple
scales. How has queer been used to retheorize the body in fat studies,
disability studies, and affective politics? How does queer assemble
with embodiments in spatial politics on local and global scales? How
has queer necessitated and aided in the production of various raced and
gendered bodies? How can queer help to rethink traditional left
politics and notions of the queer body within laboring practices? These
are just some of the many critical questions that we are hoping to
address in the 5 sessions of the seminar.

is the Graduate Center's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer
Student charted organization.  All are welcome to all of our events. If
you are interested in receiving more information about QUNY, the Queer
Embodiments Seminar Series, or to join our list serve, please contact
us at


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