Friday, February 11, 2011



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we won!  we won!  we won!

the city is alive.  everyone is on the streets.  amazing.  to witness.  omg.  people are literally dancing in the streets, skipping running yelling cheering chanting. 

i cant describe what this is. 

analysis later, but for now…






it is so loud outside.  cars are honking.  people are just running through the streets carrying egyptian flags.  traffic just stops.  people yelling congratulations into car windows.  we were down on tahrir five minutes after suleiman announced mubarak's resignation…it was incredible.  over 300 people died for this.  so many wounded. 

i am overwhelmed by the joy inside of me.  i cant believe this.  18 days.  of fighting and sacrifice…

how do you get free?

by getting rid of the chains by any means necessary. 


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