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Hi TOSD community!We need your help raising $2,000 for a lift...


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Hi TOSD community!

We need your help raising $2,000 for a lift and a sling!!  This is the lift that Stacey will use to lift her in and out of bed, to go to the bathroom and take a shower.  It makes a HUGE difference and means that more people can do PA (personal attendant) work and more folks can sign up for careshift slots regardless of their physical abilities. It is a safer way for Stacey to move around and reduces risk and strain (all around) of Stacey and her PAs.

Stand-Up Lift*Since we shot this video we were able to talk the woman selling the lift down from $2,200 to $1,800!  But then realized that we will need to buy a new sling for Stacey to be able to use the lift, which will cost $600.  sigh. 

We had to move fast because to buy the kind of lift Stacey needed would be SO much more than $1,800 and without it, Stacey needed two people to lift her out of bed.  (Special thanks to Steph, Elaine, Rhea, Yvonne, Io, and Evan for filling last-minute careshift slots to help Stacey get out of bed before she had the lift!!  Go, team community!) 

So, now we have the lift, but still need to fundraise the money it costs as well as buy the sling Stacey needs to be able to use it. 

We are asking folks, if you're able to, to help us pay for the lift and sling.  Please use the chipIn link to the right to give or email to send a check. 

Any amount is so appreciated, because the very act of giving is more powerful than the amount of money. And we know that there are many ways to give; that giving money is no more valuable than the folks who have given their time, support, love and care.  

We wished we lived in a world where we didn't have to pay for access, where ableism and capitalism weren't so intertwined.  Where we could all be able to use the bathroom and visit our loved ones, wherever they may be.  You all give us faith that that world is possible.  It is.  The support we have received from people (around the world) for TOSD has been astounding, proving what we already know is true, even as we trudge through the tedium and exhaustion of daily access: collective access is possible and we aren't alone.

with love and appreciation,

Mia and Stacey

PS: This is the first of many videos to come from TOSD! Stay tuned for our next one, the adventure to get the lift, soon!


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