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White man threatens young black men at a local high school because his daughter talks to black guys.


I have to admit I laughed during that video. Because the white people were saying it's not about color, it's just that nobody wants their 12 year old daughter talking to boys. -_- So where are all the white boys that have been threatened? It's like, come on, can you even recognize racism when it's right in front of your face?

And did that lady say the Klan is coming? What in the world is going on in that area. 

 This is totally about race. Why is it that when the black father whose daughter had cerebral palsy and was being bullied tried to defend his daughter on the school bus, he was damn near arrested for his actions? That man has a disabled child and he wasn't allowed to defend her. Every single broadcast network went on to report how he over reacted and was a danger to the other children on the school bus. Matt Lauer even went as far as to tell this black father to his face that he can't wrap his child in a protective bubble to keep her out of harms way. He basically treated the cruel bullying that his child endured as an oh well shit happens situation.
Yet when a gay white boy committed suicide because his sex acts were broadcasted over the internet, white people made a call for action where for a whole month we were asked to prevent bullying and be kind to each other.
So why is there no call to action against this bullying white father who wishes to wrap his white daughter in a protective bubble from black male suitors? What does Matt Lauer and all the other major networks have to say about this? Where are the police to prevent this white man from menacing black youth in the same way they prevented a black father from protecting his disabled child? I am so sick of the double standards in these situations.


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