Monday, February 21, 2011

Justice for Iran: Iran Update:


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Justice for Iran: Iran Update::



  • Tehran security forces erected iron bars around Mousavi's residence ahead of today's protests. (video)


  • Mousavi advisor begged security forces not to use violence against the protesters.


  • The Wall Street Journal's Farnaz Fasihi reported that thousands of demonstrators chanting against the government poured into the streets in nationwide protests on Sunday. In Tehran, protestors targeted government landmarks such as the national broadcast company Seda va Sima — seen as a mouthpiece for the regime — chanting "God is great," and "Death to the dictator".
  • Thousands of security officers cracked down in Tehran and other major cities, striking at protesters with batons and rushing others on motorcycles. (video)


  • BBC Persian reports from an eyewitness that security forces directly opened fire on protesters in Mahabad. It also confirms that there has been direct fire on protesters in Haft-e Tir Square.


  • Security forces are using ambulances to transport detained protesters in Tehran.


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