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Meet Diedra Cobb.My sisterfriend, roommate, and fellow nomad. I...


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Meet Diedra Cobb.

My sisterfriend, roommate, and fellow nomad. I met Diedra almost two years ago and we've been traveling this life path together ever since. I've never met anyone so brave, selfless, and giving. What makes her legendary? Well many things, but namely the big FUCK YOU she gave to the Army when she was enlisted. She filed for conscientious objector status when she learned of the true purpose and intentions of the military.

She wrote:

It's as though I've been born again and I'm standing here looking at the world with these great big eyes and so many beautiful faces are staring back at me. And I see so many being infected with so much hate and greed and blind conformity; one following right after another in a daze, in a trance, in such a terribly deep trance; it's overwhelming, my heart bleeds. And I sit here in limbo telling the world MY story, which is our story, so that those who may have even a snippet of curiosity about why so many people are screaming "Not in our name!" may have some inspiration….

After thousands of years of war,
And we are still too blind to see,
That all we are accomplishing,
Is the death of you and me.
—Diedra Cobb

Also, today is her birthday!! Hit her up on Facebook and wish her a happy one!


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