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Misantropia: Algeria and Yemen Resource List


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Misantropia: Algeria and Yemen Resource List:


Below is a list of resources for up-to-date information on the protests in Algeria and Yemen. As universalidentity said best, "Keep your eyes on Egypt, but listen to the rumble in the surrounding countries." Her post inspired me to compile a list of sites and resources available to keep us informed on the uprisings in these two countries. Thanks to the always wonderful NewsFlick for helping out with this list.

Categories will be updated as more resources become available. Message, reblog or email me if you have additional resources that can be added.

Live blogs:

Google news feed (h/t middlewaypublishing):

Algeria News, updating regularly:

Yemen News, updating regularly:


Photos and videos:

Algeria on Twitter:

Accounts: @AlgerianKhalota@EyesOnAlgeria@Elicoopter_mid@Naddah@Algerian_Dude@yasgard@Taharhani@dna_algerie@ayatghanem@AlgeriaEnglish,  @AlgeriaTimes@marmite_news@ASLANmedia.

Yemen on Twitter:

Accounts: @JamjoomCNN@tomfinn__@ionacraig@JebBoone@JNovak_Yemen@Abou_3ali@YemenPeaceNews@Yemen_Forum@yemenwatch@al3ini@wsaqaf@AhlamS@HarunAlAmriki@yemen4change@ArabsUnite@Alaalsam@YemenEnglish@WomanfromYemen@yemen@FreedomNow2011@yemenwatch.

Hashtags to follow:


Internet access information (h/t streamsofwikileaks):

To bypass government blocking of website names, use numerical IP addresses:

for twitter "" or "″; for facebook ""; for google ""

‎#Algeria users Dial-up on +16504194196 - +390662207294 Or use Speak To Tweet by calling +16504194196 - +390662207294 #Feb12


Things you can do from here:


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