Thursday, February 17, 2011

on tuesday million man march in tahrir


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quick story.


so a bunch of us were going to tahrir.  and as the protests continued the checkpoints (run by protesters) to get into tahrir became more strict and numerous.  at the last checkpoint, we were all asked to show our id.  when our friend, o, egyptian filmaker, was asked for his id, he looked at the checkpoint guy and said, let me see your id.

check point guy didnt have an id, it turns out.

then how the fuck are you going to ask for my id, when you dont have one???

they start to argue.  loudly.  but o stands his ground and after a couple of minutes we get into tahrir square.

i just laugh.  this is a whole new world.  where no one can tell who is king and who is pauper anymore.  people having to negotiate power and authority in whole new ways.


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