Monday, February 7, 2011

quick notes on a revolution--the army


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i dont trust the army.  yeah we got to dance on their tanks and they arent shooting at protesters, but in dealing with army officers i get the sneaky feeling that they have been told to keep foreigners away from the protests, in response to the 'bad press' egypt received after so many journalists were attacked by the paid thugs (aka pro mubarak protesters). 

furthermore i feel like they are setting themselves up to become the government after regime change.  and going from a police state to a military state aint what the revolution is about. 

also keep in mind that egypt has been the #2 recipient of aid from the united states with the vast majority of that aid going to the army.  ive read reports that the army is in direct conversation with us govt officials bypassing mubarak. 

the army in egypt also owns a good amount of property and businesses. 


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