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Remember The Time Live-Michael Jackson (1993)

ha i found it!!!

ok but seriously, can we take a moment and realize the unspeakable talent of this man? to be known for dancing, to have built a significant portion of you performance as an artist on your dance ability……..but you're still able to take command of a stage and hold down a show on national television while sitting down???

i mean, did you see the superbowl halftime show? the BEP had however many millions of dollars in lights and costumes and back up dancers and special effects and they had full use of their bodies but they STILL sucked.

quality. let's not let the overwhelming medocrity of our current pop music landscape allow us to forget what it looks like.

That was pretty great! He has this smile at about 4:55 that made me really want to share this.

Ay, my heart!  It's bursting and breaking all at once :'-)


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