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People I love you I do. But seriously if you have food to eat, a warm place to sleep and the reasonable assurance that those won't be gone next week,

Try to avoid :

Shaming Americans for their complacency

Wondering why we don't rise up while then posting about how much you have to swallow down

Seeing no problem in working for an injuring corporate entity for a standard of life while mocking folks who work retail food service or beg

Talking any kind of mess about how people express anger in wrong ways or improper places

That's why we don't stand up. Because you don't have our backs and you tell us all the time

And unless you have some compassion of being no heat no home scared

Please take today to focus on what you love. We get enough of the stupid fat poor unactive weak willed American masses

When we make your coffee fix your cars pick your fruit clean your house raise your kids solve your issues on your fancy toys and sell you necessities.

The brunt of a revolution will be felt there And it's terrifying and folks are trying to decide is being possible gun fodder is more or less terrifying than the constant onslaught of hate

And when we are reading about folks who made sure revolutionaries were fed And had their money and electricity and music

And a here that stands by and lets us starve and then calls us stupid or conplacent

Somewhere between a latte and a yoga class

Please know we see the huge fucking difference between that and why don't "we" rise up

Egypt is beautiful and fraught and in the steps of fighting for their future and historic

but it's not to use to make the masses feel bad about how they are not creating the world you dream of

That's not revolutionary

That's not love


and ya no—grassroots basebuilding is a *skill*. Skills can be learned. they can be taught. Popular education provides a way to teach skills (critical thinking) without needing a 501c3. But we're more interested in destroying deconstruction theorizing to prove how smart we are. without acknowledging. *we learned how to think*. somebody *taught* us that. critical thinking is a *skill*. But somewhere along the way—because of some sort of privilege like whiteness, class, citizenship, etc—the process of *learning* how think *became invisibilized*. such that we all can believe quite easily—I thought that up myself! Because I'm smart! Not because somebody has been teaching me since I was two years old *how* to think…


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