Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Credit: Lee Dewey (taken from facebook album)

There ya go.

A flow chart. The starting box says "What pronoun does this person use?" One line says "I don't know", which leads to a box stating "ask them, fool" returning to the starting box. The other has lines coming off with different binary and non binary pronouns (he his him, she hers her, they their them, ze hirs hir) all leading to a box that says "use that pronoun". That box has two lines coming from it. The first says "Did you fuck up?" and leads to a box saying "You Ass!", and a line coming from that box saying "correct yourself, move on, don't do it again". The other line says "OK". Both these lines lead to a box saying "No problem"


end. of. story. some pronouns are missing, but i think the point is made. let's note that there are no "but that's not grammatically correct" or "but WHY do you prefer that pronoun????" or "[whining about some bullshit!!]" boxes.

I also appreciate that after the "did you fuck up?" path, there's no "BACKPEDAL BACKPEDAL" or "explain why your fuck-up was totes justified".


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