Thursday, February 3, 2011



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Tweets of the Day: Poor form, Kenneth Cole. Poor form.


Uh… that's exactly what you were doing, tho, KC…

Oh shit.

If you did, you wouldnt have written that. duh

KennethCole, you are a giant fucking douche of a company.

oh capitalism.

Can PR stand for Perverting Reality instead of Public Relations? Wait no, that sounds kind of artsy and cool… How bout Punking Reality? Yes, that's much more annoying. Companies use PR to tell us what we just saw isn't at all what happened and wtf, bro, why you sensitive n shizz?! A joke isn't the same thing as "making light of a situation." Naw, homes, you got it all wrong! Now please go back to giving us your moneys, kthnxbai.


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