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superhussyisms:Maluca is the daughter of Dominican immigrants,...


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Maluca is the daughter of Dominican immigrants, and was born and raised in New York City. She says, "New York influences my music. Everyone who's here…the style…the vernacular…inspires the kind of music that I've made, the lyrics that I write, the way I dress, the way I am."

Maluca's music in many ways reflects New York's cultural melting pot. Her beats are a mash-up of dance music from the Dominican Republic and South America, as well as Dutch house music. One thing that comes through in Maluca's sound as well as her interviews is her extensive knowledge of music from all over the map. Maluca digs through thrift store record crates for various forms of cumbia music, and points out the African roots of sounds from the Dominican Republic and other parts of the Caribbean.


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