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eating dictionaries: a rant i posted on facebook because i guess i've declared every friday to be "lose friends and alienate people" day


an open letter to all pop singers ever



speak out for queer rights BECAUSE IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO and because YOU'RE A GOOD PERSON, not because "gay people are such a loyal demographic, i am going to speak for them, and then they'll going to buy all of my records!!". this especially if you're just some random straight person with a record deal. it's great that you're an ally! i'm really glad! but how about you let the queer people speak and decide for themselves? yeah? maybe?


yeah, i know, i'm an antagonistic queer, i'm alienating allies from the movement, blah blah blah i don't care YOU ARE ALL ASSHOLES AND I HATE YOU. if the only way you will support me and mine is if you make money off of it and are heralded as The Best Person To Have Ever Graced The Earth With Their Presence and all of the gays hold sparkly sacrifices of judy garland cds in your honour, i'm not interested. i don't need you.

if you want to learn how to be a good celebrity ally, check out daniel MUHFUCKIN' radcliffe. he's a loud supporter of the trevor project and is outspoken about quiltbag rights, but never once has he claimed to be the figurehead of all gay movement etc. he also, as far as i know, never released a song about how a dude is not really a dude unless he has a penis and then made an it gets better video, or released a song about how his ex-boyfriend is SO GAY LOL and then released The Next Gay Anthem (FULL DISCLOSURE: the video for firework makes me cry every time, but so do most tim hortons commercials, and also the movie "the little rascals").

FFFF. i'm going to go listen to music by actual real live gay people now. and then probably get called a bitch on the internet because i refuse to hero worship people just because they think i should have basic civil rights. and then go ruin american family values. or something.

ps: i'm sorry gaga, even disregarding your horrible use of the words "orient" and "chola"— born this way sounds like generic '90s club music, in a bad way.

*quiltbag: queer/questioning undecided intersex lesbian trans* bisexual asexual gay/genderqueer

[there are pretty much only positive responses so far, so, YAY, my fb friends are all cool! or, possibly, my anger scares them! i can't wait until my family reads it, loooooooool yay]

eta: a couple of people have commented on how i erased gaga's sexuality here. i addressed it in the comments of the facebook note, so in my mind, everything was all wrapped up, then i completely forgot to add it into the body of the actual rant when i cross-posted to tumblr. that is super gross of me. gaga is bisexual, and that is awesome. still, she really sucks at the "t" part of "lgbt"

quoting myself:

she pretty much ignores the rights of that "t", given comments like "no, i really am a lady!" when asked if she's trans, and "i look like a tr*nny" being used to mean she's unattractive. she is not the best thing to ever happen for the quiltbag community, just because… she isn't.

anyway. yeah. the rant was originally mostly about kesha & katy perry, and then gaga got thrown in because "born this way" happened, so wires got crossed! but i'll stop making excuses! it was yucky of me, and i'm legitimately sorry.

ZOMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! This rant is awesome!!! And Daniel Radcliffe is the business. Tom Felton too, from what I understand. And I was SO ANNOYED at how much I loved that Fireworks video!!! First, it's just the most panderific. And second, it's the whitest thing ever omg. But I do love Katy Perry, like an asshole. She's fun in interviews and I'm jealous of her chi chis and she's the guiltiest of guilty pleasures. But OMG the shit that woman writes about… I just cannot.


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