Friday, February 11, 2011

Transgender woman files privacy claim against DMV


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Transgender woman files privacy claim against DMV:


A transgender woman says a California Department of Motor Vehicles clerk used a state database to mail her a personal letter at home condemning her sex change.

San Francisco resident Amber Yust says she received the letter four days after she went to apply for a new driver's license in October. The letter called her gender change "a very evil decision" and identifies the writer as the person who processed Yust's application. Yust has taken the first step toward suing the DMV for invading her privacy and violating her civil rights. She filed a claim Wednesday seeking damages.

DMV spokesman Mike Marando declined comment on the incident because it involves pending litigation. But Marando says employees are prohibited from contacting customers about non-business matters.

I hope she gets ALL the money. Government does not make you safer. Look how they put this woman's life in danger by demanding her information!


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tk said...

i don't even think that the government should be alone in paying penalties. i think the person who sent the letter should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. better yet, people should roll through that person's office/home and protest his/her "evil decision" to harass another person.