Sunday, February 20, 2011

"We apologise for any inconvenience but this is a revolution."


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"We apologise for any inconvenience but this is a revolution."


Subcomandante Marcos responding to confused tourists in San Cristóbal, after announcing Zapatista demands to a crowd of gathered tourists, journalists and locals on New Years Day 1994 at the start of the conflict with the Mexican army (in Zapatistas: The Chiapas Revolt and What It Means for Radical Politics by Mihalis Mentinis).


I would have loved to have been there (I think). It must have been so…. odd. Surely the tourists would have been frightened and confused, fresh off sightseeing buses and Mayan temple tours, only to see this man with a machine gun and black balaclava and some other rebels in the main square, laying out their demands for indigenous autonomy. Apparently, a foreign tourist asked him if they would let them go, to which Subcomandante Marcos replies: 'Why do you want to go? Enjoy the city.'

What a strange moment: passions of equity finally boiling over into open revolt meets the humour and reality of interrupting someone's holiday in the sun.

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