Wednesday, February 2, 2011

yesterday. tuesday. days of rage. million man march.


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via maia medicine on 2/2/11

over a million people on tahrir square with one message. 

game over, mubarak. 

aza and i danced that night in tahrir square surrounded by a sea of people, protest signs in english and arabic, tents set up for people who have been staying on the square for days.  a celebration.  mubarak will be gone soon.  people yelling cheering applauding the revolution.  thaura.  revolution. 

this is a 24 hour every day celebration of freedom.  freedom that has no price, but the willingness to be free.  egyptians have realized, known, acted on the knowledge that freedom is worth more than security and safety  and a false peace. 

rather than the police, the neighborhoods organize themselves, sitting outside all night in shifts, carrying metal poles and wooden sticks, stopping every car that passes through the neighborhood on the lookout for looters and plain clothes state security.

in between checking for id's and the trunks of cars, the vigilantes, the community men and boys play football in the streets all night long.  drink tea.  sit next to small bonfires.  and protect their own. 


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