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Yet Another Kiri Bloggish Thing: blackamazon: radicallyhottoff: I just don’t...


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Yet Another Kiri Bloggish Thing: blackamazon: radicallyhottoff: I just don't get the logic, I...:



I have noticed that israel doesn't really seem to know how to handle this moment, which is a rare thing. usually the government is like the republicans—they GOT that media shit. they can and do convince the world the sky is green and will rain blood if X does or does not happen—just like the republicans. so it's been astonishing how *muted* the reaction to Egypt has been, that machine always knows what to do.

but even as it has been muted—the whole "we're very very worried!" thing—the "we're all alone again" whine. It's trying my last nerve. Esp. when it's kinda been Mubarak doing the hating:

A CNN report from an Egyptian province showed how the government is spreading rumours there that the organisers of the protests and foreign journalists were sent by the Jews to weaken Egypt – so much for Mubarak as a friend of the Jews.

Here's the thing. If you want people to support you, then try supporting them. Israel, just like US, has never shrunk from intervening in other people's business—how about making a foreign policy that strengthens and builds a relationship with those people who are fighting for freedom right now? Instead of quashing those people? And yes, I have actively supported the same policy for the US—I absolutely felt like our reponse to 9-11 should've been to send water filters, farming/food making supplies, medical facilities, etc. to the region—when the needs of people are being met, there's a little less incentive to strike out. 

(and I have to say—i know the humanitarian aid response is deeply and inherently problematic, we've seen it with Haiti, with New Orleans, with non-hot crisis places like Detroit and Flint and Los Angeles. I am unconvinced *anything* good can happen on the humanitarian front unless that whole industrial complex is rethought then reworked and reimplemented—which of course, when it comes right down to it, means questioning basic things like capitalism and corporatism and the nation/state. But since it's a dream that the response to violence would be humanitarian gestures to begin with—I feel in that dream, I can assume that there would be an ideal humanitarian gesture that would be a model of sustainability and compassion, right? We can't build it unless we know what we're building, right? And we can't know what we're building unless we can dream, right? :D)

Bolded for emphasis as well as hitting something i havent been able to vocalize about whta iks me about wanting part of someone elses protest or to absorb someone elses protest


because their reality isn't ours

it may not have our narrowness of vision or our scope

and any desire to absorb it isn't merely wistful thinking

It's usually

colonialism , capitalism, or really nasty sabotage

If someone isn't in your revolution or movement

it's probably because it doesn't fufill tehir dreams

and quite frankly everytime I hear that shit my SKIN CRAWLS.

you either have to define your own dream or actually look at what their ream is

not just talk about how inspiring or cool it is or they are


you don't as a rule if you are not a performer set ut " o be inspiring"

You have a life you wish to lead and when faced with circumstances that stop it from happening you respond as you try to live that life


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