Wednesday, February 2, 2011

you know when people are free


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via maia medicine on 2/2/11

in cairo, the past week:

they closed the phones for nearly two days. 

and the internet for five. 

and the banks for five days.

everyday curfew moved up from 6pm, to 4pm, to 3 pm, to 1 pm.  most people didnt give a damn about curfew and the streets were filled with folks carrying signs, laughing, shouting, taking pics on the cell phone, dancing in the streets. 

you know when people are free.  the joy.  the sheer joy, exhausted joy, limping joy, dizzy joy, but always joy.  that.  that is freedom. 

we are so fortunate, so amazingly fortunate, to get to witness this.  a revolution.  how quickly a people can go from apathy to determination.  how a spark can set fire to city.  and how no matter how powerful a regime, the secret police, the untouchable dictator, no matter how secure the controls — people can choose the uncertainty of freedom over the deadening silence of safety and false peace. 

aza will remember this.  she will remember not to trust the police and their false promises of security.  she will remember that feeling of being in the midst of a free people. 

i do not know what will come next.  if it will fall into self-destruction, or rise beyond what we can imagine.  but for now.  this is the bright light of anarchy.  this is so very tender and human. 


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