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[image: screenshot of the al jazeera broadcast — it's a shot of the Tahrir Square crowd and the text "MUBARAK STEPS DOWN".]

Congratulations, Egypt!  So happy for you.  Crying tears of joy.

Is it actually happening this time?

Christ.  I can't really say anything profound.  I sound like my mom: "Good for you!  I hope nobody gets hurt!  I love you!  Take care!"  

So, my little prayer is as follows: I hope this is a genuine surrender.  I hope this lasts.  I trust the people of Egypt to know what they need to do; I hope that the rest of the world permits them to do it.  I hope that no one else is added to the 300 + conservative estimate of deaths (they got there by adding up hospital counts, which means that is almost certainly higher).  

I second that prayer. And add my hope that a new generation of North Americans will be moved to not only cheer on other people's revolutions, but in a manner of speaking, continue the job and bring that revolutionary spirit to the heart of empire. Egyptians have set an example to be followed, not merely applauded from afar. The revolution will not be complete until it brings down the puppet-masters at the apex of imperial power.

Of course, now a new stage of national work begins, the struggle to build the alternative to what has been brought down. Much remains to be seen. The army is officially in charge (seems like they've been de facto in charge all along). The imperial powers are talking to the Egyptian generals about war and peace. The generals are padding their Swiss bank accounts and negotiating plans. It's one of those wonderful moments when everything feels like it's up in the air. Regardless of what happens, a momentous day. May the spirit spread like wildfire.


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