Wednesday, February 2, 2011

friday. days of rage.

Notes from QBG Mai'a from Cairo!

So glad she's safe!


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so internet is back in cairo!  at least for now.  so i am going to jot down quick notes about what is going on here…

—friday: internet has been down since friday. on friday they also shut down the phones so during a hardcore moment of the revolution, there was no way to communicate with each other or the outside world.  cal and i went downtown and to zamalek (a neighborhood close to downtown).  police trucks with water cannons.  police tear gassing crowds right and left. tear gas canisters flying over the air, landing in the midst of crowds.  smoke billowing over the streets. it burns the throat and the nose.   getting caught/trapped in tear gas coming from multiple directions flowing down the streets in between the buildings.  handing out onion pieces to off set the effect of the tear gas.  the streets wet with water.  plain clothes police officers with bats in their hands threatening if you got to close.  beating down protesters. rubber bullets fired.  in the afternoon/evening we fought against the police on 26th of july bridge over the nile river. tear gas dropping into the bridge and into the nile smoke rising out of the city.  the protesters have taken over the bridge and set up their own checkpoints.  buildings on fire downtown.  streets on fire through out the city. 

took pics on the phone. 

announced curfew for 6 o clock and we found a taxi that drove us through tire fires on road, crowds of people trying to get somewhere. 

that night was the celebration.  the protesters had won the main square downtown, midan tahrir, liberation square.  the police were gone.  and the army had come in.  protesters/revolutionaries and danced on the tanks that night.  shared bread.  as fires lit around them. 

the streets are anarchy.  no longer afraid of mubarak or the police that had haunted them day and night for decades. 

100 people dead in egypt at least.  urban warfare in cairo.  the revolution.  that saturday morning as the sun rose, we walked home, the streets filled with empty shells and canisters, grey with smoke.  the police trucks are burnt out on the side of the road.  a victory memorial.   

a leaderless revolution. 


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