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Focus Features picks up "Pariah" (via

Out director Dee Rees has closed on an acquisition deal with Focus Features for her feature film,Pariah. reports at least two other distributors were interested in the film, which has garnered major buzz at Sundance this year, but Focus won out, as they did with last year's acquisition,The Kids Are All Right.

Pariah is a film that not only delves into a young girl's burgeoning sexuality, but the story of Alike, a 17-year-old black butch-identified girl who is trying to figure herself out amongst her peers and family in Brooklyn. She leads a double life of sorts, trying to be feminine enough at home to please her mother while attempting to be happy with herself and living life as an openly queer woman.

There are rarely stories told about young black women, much less young black lesbian women, and this project is a major success story, having started as a short film that was later funded by a Sundance scholarship and funds from fans via Kickstarter. Pariah was entered into the festival as part of the U.S. Dramatic Competition, so it could be a winner. Star Adepero Oduye has already received praise from several press outlets and critics, many hailing her as a breakout star of this year's fest.

So this means Pariah will soon be heading to a theater near you, and that's the best case scenario for a film that premieres at Sundance. Congrats to all involved. See you at the Oscars in 2012, Dee Rees.


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