Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Image description: A photograph of two masculine-presenting people, both young adults. One is in army uniform; the other is in civilian clothes. The army officer is crying; the civilian clasps the army officer's face. The army officer has a ring on their left ring finger.



Protesters stopped an army officer from shooting himself. Cairo, Egypt.


this just took the breath out of my body.

this is what real revolution, real compassion looks like.  

Oh jeez. The ring.

I asked someone what the arabic caption on the link says and she said "a member of (I guess the military?) cries to a protester because he is unable to protect the people from mubarak's thugs." Also hang on

[15:29] <~Quixotess> it was reblogged on tumblr with the english caption "Protesters stopped an army officer from shooting himself. Cairo, Egypt."
[15:29] oh my god
[15:29] <~Quixotess> I guess one doesn't rule out the other though
[15:30] :C
[15:30] astagfirullah ._.
[15:30] :(
[15:30] yah that does actually make sense what the caption says :C
[15:31] <~Quixotess> oh does it change your translation at all
[15:32] oh like the vibe I got from it was that he was like really really… upset?  that's not a good word
[15:32] distraught
[15:32] like what it literally said was that "he went to the protester's feet to ask forgiveness"

thanks for this—and just…no words…


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