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so-treu:“The paradigm of “women trade sex to men for affection / favors / se...


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"The paradigm of "women trade sex to men for affection / favors / security / etc." is an extremely dangerous one. Because it posits that women never really want sex, it makes the bright line of "no, this time I really don't want it" fuzzy, as if this were merely a breakdown in the bargaining process. It makes women seem unreasonable or even greedy for refusing sex when they've been properly "compensated" (see also: PUA culture) and makes men feel that sex with a woman who doesn't want sex isn't fundamentally abnormal. And this is why being extremely public about being an extremely horny woman is fighting rape."

The Pervocracy: Supply-Side Rape Prevention. (via sexisnottheenemy)

Emphasis mine for YES THAT.

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YES THIS. i really don't agree that last sentence, esp because oversexualization/sexual exploitation of women of color builds upon the idea that WOC want it *all* the time. but i do think that reclamation of our sexuality and desires are important, yes. and that may or may not take the form of being extremely public about being horny.

Just want to reblog for so-treu's commentary about WOC and rape. The "you can't rape a Black chick, cuz they ALWAYS want sex anyway!" part of colonialist rape culture is usually extra salient in my brain. But I definitely read that last line and felt, "FUCK YEAH!" And now I'm curious as to why. Hm…


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