Tuesday, February 15, 2011

threeoh4:baldblackgirl:Oh hey Danyel..it makes me angry...


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Oh hey Danyel..

it makes me angry that for black history month, the only currently active/working/living black people companies shine a spotlight on are musicians and actors.

there are thousands… hundreds of thousands of professors, physicians, attorneys, advocates, teachers, and public servants who are black - and they make a difference every day.

Forreal doe!

This Black History Month I wanna honor my Mama for teaching the youth of Detroit with compassion but always having HIGH expectations for her students! (naw really. i was so glad she was never my teacher in HS. SO MUCH gatdang homework…)  And I wanna honor her for her side hustle of teaching adult education and helping folks get their GRE. My mama works for 12hrs a day, comes home, and STILL gives a shit about whatever my ratchet ass is doing. And for this I say MY MAMA IS A GAME CHANGER!!! =D

lol y'all care!


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