Monday, February 21, 2011

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Also, how reliable are those twitter accounts dedicated to the various revolutions taking place?

If I started one called "IloveLibya" and posted about the police breaking into orphanages and murdering the children, how long before it showed up on my dash as "news"?

by lunch time.

before then LOL shiiiiiiiiiit it might show up on CNN by 11 LOL

aljazeera english is thee shit tho.

From what I see, citizen journalists are working their asses off to confirm reports as best they can and they're backing it up with tons of video, photos, and audio. In Libya, there's absolutely NO independent media. None. Aljazeera english and CNN and BBC weren't covering Libyan protests at all.  And even now that international media is somewhat covering the revolutions, they're spinning it in all kinds of gross and offensive ways. Without citizen reports THERE WOULD BE NO NEWS.  Honestly, I have infinitely more respect for the "amateurs" than corporate news conglomerates. Even Al Jazeera.


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