Monday, February 21, 2011

Tumblr Aid


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Tumblr Aid:


To the People of the Revolution

Tumblr is keeping up with your fight and we want you to know that we are listeningwe care and we want to help.

Many of us are not in and around your region but we want to send money so that things that you critically need, like medical supplies and food, can be gotten for your people.

Please help us help you! We're all ready to donate, but we don't have any organisations or even small groups of activists we can send money to! If you are near the region currently revolting, get us in touch with people who will cross over the border with supplies.

Spread the word. Get back to us.

I'll keep this space open to collect a list of groups or donations the international community can donate to.

Our request is to keep it Paypal-friendly and to tell us exactly what you'll be doing with our money.

Please reblog and get the word out.


Things you can do from here:


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